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The popular comedy duo and their wives have been holidaying in New Zealand for a few weeks before a Conchords' tour of the United States, beginning next month.Though family have said Mc Kenzie and Clement had hoped to "slip in under the radar", they have scheduled a few key events besides the wedding.(1950)Let’s start at the very beginning (yes, I know, a very good place to start), with this short-lived half-hour musical show, where every episode spoofed issues of the day through fairy tales and contemporary Broadway tunes. Bret Mc Kenzie, one half of the New Zealand comedy rock duo Flight of the Conchords, is the author of "Man or Muppet," one of the two songs up for Best Original Song at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.When I arrived, the script was done and there were song ideas.I was just given a title, and then I'd go and write a song for that moment in the film. I play a little bit of saxophone, but that's all.Clarke made a documentary in 2004 about Mc Kenzie's unorthodox celebrity.

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as the Other Man was one of the more relatable aspects of the show.) When the Cut caught up with Schaal at the Art Directors Guild Awards in Hollywood (where she sparkled in an emerald Trashy Diva dress with a black Alice Olivia blouse over it), she admitted that she understood the enduring appeal. They just captured a comedy style that’s never been replicated since, and they’re also incredibly sexy men.

They began dating as students at Victoria University. Mc Kenzie's wedding on Wednesday follows that of his fellow Conchord, Jemaine Clement, to Wellington actress and theatre director Miranda Manasiadis in a Los Angeles registry office last August.

The couple have a son who was born in New York in October.

Now, I’m a huge musical-theater enthusiast, but even I’m willing to admit that some of the attempts to create a popular musical TV show have been — what’s a nice way to say ?

Now that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has perfected the art of the musical sitcom, the Empire soundtrack sold more copies than Madonna’s new album, and Hamilton mania is sweeping the world, it will be interesting to see if this translates to more musical shows being green-lit moving forward.In the meantime, let’s take a trip through musical-sitcom history*, shall we?