Who discovered the oldest footprints dating back 117 000 years

01-Apr-2016 10:32

These older prints are thought to have been left by the more primitive and apelike Australopithecus.

Although this creature also appears to have walked upright, it had a shallow arch and a splayed big toe characteristic of apes.

C.'s central coast and is accessible only by boat or float plane. Archeologist Duncan Mc Laren said radiocarbon dating indicates the charcoal materials are 13,200 years old, and he is preparing to duplicate those tests to confirm the results. Fossilized human footprints, especially footprints more than 10,000 years old are rare.

Mc Laren said the oldest human footprints in the Americas are 14,500 years old and were found at a site at Chile's Monte Verde.

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Geologist Dave Roberts discovered them in 1995, and palaeoanthropologists like Dr Lee Berger confirmed they belonged, in all likelihood, to a grown woman. Berger, in fact wrote a book called (co-authored by Brett Hilton-Barber), in which he describes the above scenario, which we can only imagine, given that the young woman must have passed over those dunes 117 000 years ago.

"They left their footprints in the grey clay and then they were subsequently filled by this black sand, which essentially preserved the footprints." The footprints' sizes indicate they were made by a large adult, likely a man, a smaller adult, believed to be a woman, and a child whose feet would fit a present-day child's size-seven shoe.

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