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Gary Brooks (Jay Mohr), a recently divorced man, adjusts to being single again after 15 years of marriage in this sitcom.

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Has two kids, quarrelsome ex-wife, and one-night stand/possible g.f.

Hart’s own divided mind found its analogue in defenders within the press who still believe a Chinese wall can exist between public and private selves.

Husbands and wives bickered over what adultery has to do with whether or not a person would make a good president.

All jokes aside, how many gals have done the MKG look for Halloween so they can secretly wear a sexy costume without getting shit for it? The legendary Belushi (RIP) may not be a heartthrob by traditional standards, but this is precisely the dude one might roll their eyes at around 6pm and find themselves agreeing to marry by midnight. Gail Matthius had the unfortunate luck of being cast on SNL during its low point in 1981, after producer Lorne Michaels resigned – taking most of the writing staff with him. Gail is no valley girl IRL, but she probably still tastes like cherry chapstick and bubblegum.

The recent revelation that Janeane Garofalo identifies as asexual and has a celibate relationship with her boyfriend has had zero bearing on her standing as the goddess of dream '90s girlfriends, a gal who would be the perfect partner for all of the pot-smoking, whiskey-drinking, laugh-so-hard-your-tummy-hurts nights in you always imagined adult relationships would be full of. There's a reason this little man has a child with Playboy's Jillian Grace, ok? Slate joined SNL in 2009 and immediately dropped an f-bomb in her debut sketch, "Biker Chick Chat." Dropping the dirty language on network television may have lost Jenny fans among the SNL producers, but she solidified her place in the heart of dirty-language-lovers worldwide.