Re os dating pyrite

22-May-2016 04:34

The Hitachi VMS deposit is, therefore, classified as the oldest dated ore deposit in Japan.

This result supports the ideas of previous studies, indicating that there is a large age gap (hiatus) in the geologic record of 150 million years and a wide distribution of the Cambrian beds in the Hitachi area.

Submarine Resources Research Project (SRRP), JAMSTEC (currently Research and Development Center for Submarine Resources) 3.

Department of Systems Innovation, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo 4.

A study of Olympic Dam was undertaken to test if Re–Os geochronology could directly determine the age of copper mineralisation and to identify whether the mantle contributed metals to the deposit.

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A range of Olympic Dam whole-rock ores and sulfide mineral separates were analysed, together with the Roxby Downs Granite and its magnetite fraction (Table 3).Furthermore, the determined 187Os/188Os composition of the sulphide minerals at the time of formation can yield insights into the origins of the fracture-hosted fluids.