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Deere (DE) makes farm equipment, so should it be any surprise that its stock price tends to fluctuate with the prices of commodities like corn?

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There may also have been a discrepancy between your tone of voice and the way the English guy perceived your words, which he found funny.Historically, timing cyclical swings and commodity-price movements was critical when investing in Deere and other heavy-equipment stocks.Today, however, we believe that narrative has changed somewhat, and it is okay to own high-quality, cyclical companies that have successfully demonstrated an ability to rapidly flex production, cut costs, and diversify revenue streams. So why in the first sentence "yet" is used but in the second: "already"?

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Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hi Team , Sorry for my incorrect question! It may be that many unsuccessful attempts have been made, or it may be that there have been no attempts - it is not clear from the sentence itself, though it may be from the context.

I think in " They have not found the cure for AIDS yet." the meaning is they have tried many times but it is unsuccessfully. For example, I could say: Hi Tanya Peneva, The position of 'yet' in this sentence is flexible.

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