Most recently used programs list not updating jeff probst dating survivor star

13-Sep-2016 00:49

Adds a new storage item and accompanying metadata to the most recently used (MRU) list, or replaces the specified item if it already exists in the list.

Also specifies the extent of its visibility in the list.

However, you might want to remove default items and add different apps or places, or remove the list completely.

To remove an item, simply right-click on it and select .

To open the Local Group Policy Editor, open the Start menu and enter “gpedit.msc” in the Search box.

But you can replace that space by adding “Places” that you go to frequently.In the Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to the following item.How do you clear the recently opened programs (not files) list under that start menu in windows XP via script or reg hack? I simply right-click on the Properties/Start Menu tab..Customize Advanced tab..set it up the way that I want. To clear the items on the menu you need to clear all but one of the values of Type REG_BINARY in the key listed above. The only (maybe) related things I can see being changed when I run a program from the Start Menu, are some (seemingly undocumented) Bag MRU registry keys which have no meaning to me.

I did found a way to get programs pinned, but that's not what I'm looking for here.You'll be able to ask questions about Windows 10 or chat with the community and help others.

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